Treasury management

is the department responsible for the optimal management of the financial centers and the assets and liabilities of the bank and liquidity management, taking into account all related risks and deals with them and seek to reduce them to the lowest possible grades.

The most important objectives and treasury department products and services at Arab Sudanese Bank:

• Management of the Bank’s various investments and exploitation of surpluses available in different time periods and according to the investment opportunities available to the bank, such as: - Money Market Investments: Investments with other banks inside & outside & in various portfolios where those investments are usually for relatively short periods of one year or less so that the amounts can be easily & quickly recalled in case of need.

Capital Market Investments:

* Investments for year or more, such as investments in securities and Sukuk.
* Trading in the secondary Market take place in Capital markets (Khartoum Stock Exchange Market).

• Foreign Exchange Deals:

Deal & Trade in all foreign exchange operations permitted by Islamic law to serve the Bank's and Customer’s operations, which include foreign trade operations; plus making some deals for the best management of the different outside accounts.

• Treasury Risk Management:

There are a number of risks associated with the Treasury Department, of the most important are liquidity risk and market risk, it is calculated by the degree of risk for each type of risk and compares them with all other available opportunities and in the framework of the guidelines of the different regulators. Also, doing different micro-analyzes such as the work of the various tests such as sensitivity tests and pressure tests, so as to ensure and to avoid negative effects on the Bank.

• Correspondent Relationships:

- Arab Sudanese Bank has a good network of local and foreign correspondents enable it to better serve the bank's customers in terms of executing their foreign transactions at the desired speed and precision.
- Bank’s current and investment balances are being managed inside and outside Sudan optimally. Retention balances are calculated and kept accurately to insure enough liquidity to meet customer’s transfers LC’s payments and other transfers, alongside with investing surplus in the best available opportunities.